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Ripples: How Johnpaul is changing the world through engineering.


Johnpaul In the words of Kyle Rector, a computer science professor at the University of Iowa, computer science is not just about syntax and code. People’s lives can be changed by developing applications.  On this episode of Ripples, Celz discusses with Johnpaul, senior software engineer at TeamApt, on the role that technology plays in cultural and economic development. C:  Hi, Johnpaul...

TeamApt wins National Inclusive Payment Initiative Award by CBN.


We recently won the National Inclusive Payment Initiative Award by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) at the 2022 International Financial Inclusion Conference (IFIC’22). The conference, hosted by the National Financial Inclusion Steering Committee (NFIS) headed by the CBN held on the 24th & 25th of November, 2022. It celebrated champions of inclusion – financial services companies...

Ripples: Wisdom Ndebe on How Design Impacts Our Experiences


Design touches every part of our lives every day – the products we buy, the interfaces we interact with, and the spaces we work and live in. And it’s interesting to think about the impact designers make when they do – the power they have to influence our lives, shape the way we live, and the products we use. When you pick up a tool, or a product, or enter a space, do you stop to...

Creating empathy-driven solutions for Moniepoint users: the POS Transfer feature


The Moniepoint POS Building financial products is no easy feat and often requires months of hard work and devotion. Yet, at the heart of everything that we do at TeamApt are our users. We innovate for business owners that rely on our product to live out their business dreams. Sometime in 2021, we found a need that wasn’t being met as well as it could be. Our businesses were facing security...

Meet KAMONA: The Design System Pulsing Through TeamApt’s Products


Kamona Design System Designing for one of Africa’s foremost fintech companies is an experience comparable to little else. Fast-paced and continuously evolving, TeamApt has an ecosystem of products that keep everyone on the team engaged. In the early days of TeamApt, we were building everything for the first time. So we designed as the ideas led, full of passion and excitement. Soon, however...

TeamApt Named to the 2022 CB Insights’ Fintech 250 List 


TeamApt recognised for achievements in payments processing  London, October 4, 2022 — CB Insights today named TeamApt to its fifth-annual Fintech 250 ranking, showcasing the 250 most promising private fintech companies of 2022. “This year’s Fintech 250 winners are shaping the future of financial services, from payments and banking to investing and insurance,” said Brian Lee, SVP of CB...

Problem Solving the “TeamApt Way”


“What’s the secret for TeamApt’s success” is one of the questions I get asked quite a lot, especially now that more and more people are aware of the scale of what we do. In answering this question, I always credit how we approach problem-solving as one of the key factors. From how we think about our customers’ problems (i.e identifying, understanding and solving problems they face), hiring...



All businesses are founded by people with ambition, courage and grit to take risks, and every single one of them starts with a big dream. But going from that big dream to launching the business is hard – it takes a lot of courage and conviction as there are multiple barriers one has to go over before they launch.  For dreamers who overcome these initial barriers and launch, they are still...

Some Exciting News: We Are Now Backed by QED


We have just completed a financing round and brought on board one of the world’s premier fintech operators, QED Investors. Businesses over the world struggle with access to solutions efficient enough to help them grow, and simple enough for them to use. This is true in most countries globally, including Nigeria. How we’ve started solving it TeamApt operates Nigeria’s largest business payments and...

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