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TeamApt Announces Successful Series B Funding Round


2nd July, 2021. Lagos, Nigeria.  Nigerian Fintech startup, TeamApt, which provides financial services for the underserved mass market in Africa has announced the completion of its series B funding round. Led by Novastar Ventures with participation from FMO, Global Ventures, CDC, Oui Capital, Kepple Africa Ventures, Soma Capital, Endeavor Catalyst and a syndicate of local angel investors including...

How a Team of ex-Interswitch engineers bootstrap their startup to profitability within 2 years


No business or institution, anywhere in the world, can boast of having it all figured out at the start, not even the “almighty” banks. Over time, banks have continually iterated their operations to see what works. From accepting deposits to lending, merchant invoicing and client satisfaction, they are yet to attain the perfect model around their operations. In Nigeria for instance, service...

The Cost of Bad UX


For the past few months at TeamApt, amongst other things, we have been busy implementing omni-channel digital banking solutions. The average bank customer in the Nigerian market has rarely gotten the “wow” experience while interacting with the banking solutions. Yes, we must acknowledge that the banks have done a good job of moving customers out of the bank branches to self-service channels...

Going Live with a B2B / B2B2C Product


My past few months at TeamApt has been quite an adventure. It has been challenging and rewarding as well. I have been largely tasked with building a digital banking solution that the customers are supposed to love. Recently, we have been implementing a product for some customers and I must say, we learnt a lot of lessons “going live”. Here are a few of the lessons learnt. 1. Ship Early...

Hiring a Product Manager


It’s been a few months since I joined TeamApt after my five year stint on the Quickteller team at Interswitch. I have the opportunity or responsibility to build a product team at TeamApt where as PMs our major responsibility is to ensure that “THE RIGHT THING” is built. Building the right thing in itself is not impossible but it is no mean feat...

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