Ripples: How Johnpaul is changing the world through engineering.


Johnpaul In the words of Kyle Rector, a computer science professor at the University of Iowa, computer science is not just about syntax and code. People‚Äôs lives can be changed by developing applications.  On this episode of Ripples, Celz discusses with Johnpaul, senior software engineer at TeamApt, on the role that technology plays in cultural and economic development. C:  Hi, Johnpaul...

Ripples: Wisdom Ndebe on How Design Impacts Our Experiences


Design touches every part of our lives every day – the products we buy, the interfaces we interact with, and the spaces we work and live in. And it’s interesting to think about the impact designers make when they do – the power they have to influence our lives, shape the way we live, and the products we use. When you pick up a tool, or a product, or enter a space, do you stop to...

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